On first Sunday after having bath remember your own Kuldevi and pray. Take a brace plate and put one 0.5 (Half) Kg of wheat grains, put a leaf of Nagarvel, keep a Supari beetlenut on it. Lit a lamp with essence sticks, aply kumkum, abil and gulal on it along with flowers. ReciteĀ Shree Chudel Mataye Namah, 108 times offering 2 grains of rice on the beetlenut with each chanting of name. Sing Aarti and offer Prasad. Fast on all five Sundays.

After that, when the sun is setting (suryast) offer a red chunnary on the beetlenut (suparil), 12 bangles, kaajal, comb, mirror, one fruit, 1 rupee coin. Take all these to the temple and offer it to the goddess. After returning, eat in the same plate & all the physical ailment will go. Faith is most important. All wishes shall be fulfilled and problems settled-“Jai shree Chudel Maa“.