Temple History

KUNGHER a small village 10 km away from PATAN city in Gujarat, is famous and well known pilgrimage after Mahashakti (Goddess) Shree Chudel Mata. In Kungher, she is known as Adyashakti of today’s Kaliyug and is the first Shakti/Mahashkti, vast and majestic in a form of live Flame (Jyoti) present here.

This temple of Mataji (Goddess) has become the abode of faith, hope and veneration of lakh’s of people. It leaves a lasting impact in the hearts of those devotees, who visit this temple even once. On Sundays and Tuesdays devotees come in large numbers seek blessing and solace, asking and praying for solutions of their problems pertaining to one’s Health, Personal Professional, Legal, Financial or any kind of worldly problems. Each and every devotee does get a solutions.

According to the folk tales around 250 years back, The chudel Maa’s Spirit was worshipped as a goddess and was placed under Varakhadi (A tree where good spirits dwell) by Shri Raichanddas Patel with only five bricks at the western outskirt of the village Kungher. As the times passed Shree Chudel Maa showed her presence by finding things like a vessel, a buffalo or any other lost or stolen articles. She started giving Justice to innocent and simple village folks. Slowly the faith of the people started growing and increasing. Her fame started outgrowing the village limits and spread slowly and gradually in and around the region….

Inspired by Shree Chudel Maa a permanent flame was lit and installed by the leading village elders in Vikram savant 2047 ie. 1991 A.D. which is continuously burning ever since. Her fame is resounding throughout Gujarat and beyond since last two years. There is no place for blind faith in respect of this pious shrine as there are no mediator/agent in between. Visitors pray without uttering a word in the quiet mode of there mind/heart/soul to Goddess Chudel Maa who listens and gives her Justice responding to the prayers which the concerned person only recognizes. That’s why “IT IS CALLED THE HIGH COURT OF KUNGHER” – HON.JUDGE SRI SRI CHUDEL MAA.

Visitors start pouring in at the temple every week from the midnight of Saturday through Sunday forming a disciplined queue. Villagers offer their free services as volunteers to the visiting men women and children guiding through separate barricades. The Shrine of Shree Chudel Maa is oozing with celestial love for all beings, irrespective of caste, creed, colour, race or religion. It’s unique in every respect.

Shree Chudel Maa doesn’t like any addiction including Liquor, Smoking, and Tobacco etc. So are strictly prohibited in the precincts. There is no entry fee whatsoever